Scientific conference presentations in which the abstract has been peer-reviewed

Greater BMI associated with increased length of time in Canada among immigrants. Results from the My Health My Community survey, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority 2013-2014.

Eleni Kefalas, Maritia Gully, Dr. James Lu, Dr. Jat Sandhu

Health status and risk factors for chronic disease in the homeless population, Metro Vancouver 2013-2014


Walk it off: Living in Walkable Metro Vancouver, Canada Neighbourhoods Associated with Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)

Salman Klar, Yumian Hu, Maritia Gully, Eleni Kefalas, Dr, James Lu, Dr. Victoria Lee1, and Dr. Jat Sandhu

Disparities in health care access, lifestyle behaviours and health status among LGBT community in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ellen Demlow, Yumian Hu, Maritia Gully, Salman Klar, Corey Green, Dr. Reka Gustafson, Dr. Victoria Lee, Dr. Jat Sandhu

A snapshot of the health of parents of school-aged children in Vancouver, British Columbia – results from the My Health My Community survey

Maritia Gully, Eleni Kefalas, Dr. Reka Gustafson, Dr. James Lu, Dr. Jat Sandhu

How does proximity to alcohol retailers affect binge drinking in Vancouver, BC? – Results from My Health My Community”

Yumian Hu, Tim Chu, Eleni Kefalas, Sara Forsting, Maritia Gully, Dr. James Broesch, Dr. Emily Newhouse, Dr. Reka Gustafson, Dr. Jat Sandhu

How do you like your ‘hood? – Perception of built environment and the influence on health and well-being across Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Maritia Gully 1, Salman Klar2, Eleni Kefalas 1, Yumian Hu 1, Rahul Chhokar 2, James Lu 1, Victoria Lee 2,3, Jat Sandhu 1,3 1 Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2 Fraser Health Authority, Surrey, British Columbia, 3 UBC School of Population and Public Health

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