Why does My Health My Community matter to me?

Do your kids have safe places to play? Is work stressing you out? Do you know your neighbours? Do you have enough transportation options in your community? All of these things affect your health and well-being. Your participation will influence your community’s priorities in improving population health.

If you believe in the importance of the My Health My Community survey, share your commitment with the people in your life – friends, family members, neighbours and co-workers and encourage them to take part.

It’s easy to be a champion for My Health My Community – start by telling your family, friends and colleagues about the survey and why you’ve chosen to participate.

How can I help?

All you need to do to help is to tell five people in your life about the survey. More if you’re feeling ambitious! Here are a couple of easy ways to spread the word:

  • Email about My Health My Community or weblink to your contacts and encourage them to visit and explore the site
  • Assist family members and elderly relatives that are not as comfortable completing online
  • Promote the survey in your workplace by email or speaking to colleagues & clients
  • Displaying poster on noticeboards you have access to
  • Promote the survey on your social media channels
  • Follow our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Share our video. It’s available in English, with subtitles in Punjabi and Chinese

If you have questions or comments about My Health My Community or how to become a community champion, please don’t hesitate to go to our Contact Us page and drop us a note.

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