Survey Methods

My Health My Community uses, quota sampling, a type of purposive sampling, in order to recruit participants.  This sampling method is designed to help us achieve the goals of having a sample size large enough to generate results at a level of granularity that is meaningful to local government stakeholders as well as the ability to produce precise estimates within a large number of strata.  The survey is offered online as well as in person and on paper in multiple languages.

Quota sampling belongs to the non-probability sampling family where respondents have an unknown probability of being selected.  Census data is used to define the quotas and post-collection weighting is used to adjust the sample to account for the unequal probability of selection by certain demographics.  Specifically, the survey region is geographically partitioned into municipal neighbourhoods and quotas are determined by age, gender, education, and ethnicity for each sub region with the goal of generating a representative 2% sample of the target population.  During data collection, quotas are monitored for completion and additional outreach is informed by incomplete quota demographics including harder to reach, and often, more vulnerable populations.

For any additional questions regarding methods and project implementation, please contact us.

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